Hey, this photo is © Beth Insalaco

beth insalaco photographer buffalo

Hi, my name is Beth

Hi, I’m Beth, the photographer behind the YEAH! BUFFALO Instagram and blog. As much as I’d like to say I’m displaying my work for others to admire, it’s really me learning about the people, community and world around me as well as sharpening my photography skills in the process. My goal is to share, even if it’s only a small fraction of what I find through this project and put it out there for others to experience through my images.

I’m influenced by the energy and beauty of people, community, and this city. I challenge myself to find and capture scenes that we all regularly pass, but do not actually see. I aim to show a new perspective on things that may have been ignored.

TRUTH: When I moved to Buffalo, I cried. It was flat, compared to my Pennsylvania home town, and I didn’t see any potential for artistic composition in my photography. I couldn’t get a high or good enough angle on the skyline. I challenged myself to seek out what I wanted to find, but instead, I happily started creating something very unexpected.

I’ve always been an idea person and a maker. But, that’s not how I started my career. I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked 7 years as an RN in oncology, the ICU and ER. I burned out from both the physical demands, and realizing the fragility of life. I had no energy left to pursue my creative ideas. That’s when I bought my first camera. I started learning by experimenting and taking images with no rules or expectations. I love to explore the unknown. I find excitement in pursuing an adventure where I do not know the industry “rules” and seeing what I can create without those barriers. Working with people and their families as they faced the end of their lives has very much contributed to the way I capture images. Reading people, and emotions as well as reacting quickly were necessary skills. I PRESS THE SHUTTER WHEN SOMETHING I SEE TURNS INTO A FEELING. I understand our need to have pictures to freeze time. I also believe they serve a higher purpose, to understand the world around us so that we can leave this place a bit better.

My goal is to challenge myself to see alternate perspectives and share what I am learning about our community through my images. I want to inspire others to get out there and start using their own gifts to teach others what they have learned about the world. I would love for my art to bolster the surging positive energy our community is experiencing. Buffalo natives already know, it’s the community that makes our city great, not a towering, shiny skyline. While it’s great to see new buildings, I believe it’s working together, lifting each other up and caring for our neighbors that is making the biggest impact on our city. It’s great to play a part in supporting this, showing the world it’s true, community is what makes a city great, we are living it out, right here in Buffalo.