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Photography for Social Media

I create photos for brands to use to share online. Whether that be via Instagram or Facebook, or on their websites and in online advertisements.
Beth Insalaco Photographer
Beth Insalaco Photographer
Beth Insalaco Photographer
Beth Insalaco Photographer
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Beth Insalaco Photographer
inkbyalyssa Beth Insalaco Photographer
Beth Insalaco Photographer
Beth Insalaco Photographer


Church Pastor
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Beth not only for the pictures of our community gatherings, but also for the professional headshots and promotional photos that we needed for our website and social media profiles. Beth’s easy going nature and eye for capturing the right moments makes her the obvious choice when we need to have photos taken.”

Caleb and Carolyn

Caleb: “She absolutely takes some of the best portraits of anyone in the city. She is very easy to work with, giving great direction while remaining open to creative suggestion.” Carolyn: “She makes us feel completely at ease.”



“Beth made me feel like the camera wasn’t really there, where I could just be myself and leave the hard work to her with brilliant timing, composition and mastery of natural light during out session. Expert efficiency.”


Wedding Planner / Blogger
“Beth makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera that you almost forget she’s there.  Her kind heart, contagious smile, and love for life makes her an absolute dream to work with.  Not to mention her pictures are pretty cool to look at.”


Social Media Marketer

“Beth has a fantastic eye, whether she’s shooting cityscapes, products or personal headshots. She took photos for me for my website on the hottest day of the summer. I was, without exaggeration, dripping sweat when I got to the studio. Somehow, Beth made me look cool and confident in front of the camera. I treasure those photos.”